The happy life of a happy wife…

{February 25, 2010}   Urges

Lately I’ve had so many domestic urges that take over me to the point where I can focus on nothing else.  Luckily enough, my job permits me some free time to engage in deep thought on these domesticity pursuits.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make some truffles.  That’s how it started at least.  The urge to make truffles lead me to wonder what the difference is between a blender and a food processor.  If a blender can chop ice, why can’t it be used to chop cookies or crackers?  The internet tells me they are basically the same things, but a food processor is better.  Blenders can’t even begin to compare to the processor when it comes to solid foods, so why does every household have a blender and not a food processor?

I’m going to stop at Bed Bath and Beyond tonight and pick one up, because no one can truly be a domestic diva unless they have a food processor.


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