The happy life of a happy wife…

{March 16, 2010}   It’s me or the clock

Ahhhhh alarm clocks.  A constant discussion in my home.

Mine:  *tweep tweep tweep*


We have this constant battle.  He’ll set his alarm clock and it will wake him up for about a week.  Afterwards, the alarm clock is going off and he sleeps like a baby right through it.  So I start getting progressively more irritated as the future days tick by and the alarm clock goes off for longer and longer.  Eventually I have it out with the stupid clock and threaten to throw it in front of a moving train.  So we come to an agreement that he won’t set his clock and I will wake him up each morning.

That works… for a little while.  So here we are again, dealing with his alarm clock.

Stand in my driveway at 6:05am and you’ll hear it.  You can probably stand in YOUR driveway at 6:05 and hear it.


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