The happy life of a happy wife…

{March 23, 2010}   Don’t put it down — put it away

I just spent about an hour making up my Target shopping list & printing and cutting out coupons.  I wasn’t planning on doing such a large shopping, but there are a lot of good deals to be had.  I think I will skip stopping at Sam’s and just pick up some cheap garbage bags at Target.  Buying generic garbage bags/toilet paper/paper towels/paper plates, etc is definitely not something I normally do… but I like the Glad Force Flex bags and they’re much cheaper at Sam’s.

So this is my plan:

Tuesday – Work –> Target –> Publix –> HomePut groceries away, do all the dishes, clear off the countertops, and wipe down the counters and the dining table.  Then I’m going to make some brown sugar cookies.  *Yum!*

Wednesday – Work –> Cold Stone to use my free ice cream cert –> HomeClean the living room & vacuum the downstairs.  (And try to talk Shane into vacuuming the stairs)  Am I alone in hating vacuuming stairs?

Thursday – CLEAN OUR BEDROOM!  There are clothes everywhere and I don’t think it’s been vacuumed in 2 months.  Disgusting, right?

Friday – Clean all the bathrooms and tidy up the loft.

Saturday – Will’s birthday party and I’m picking up some tables.  I’ll have to see where they fit once I get ’em home, but I’m planning on putting them in the loft.

Do you have any idea how proud I’ll be of myself if I stick to this plan?  My house will be spotless & I will be a very happy girl…


cyberpyxi says:

I, too, hate vacuuming the stairs! But on the flip side of it, I HATE them not being vacuumed! With the kids/dog, they get furrrrrry!

Does your carpet shed like mine does? I hate vacuuming, but I really hate vacuuming cheap carpet!! LOL I have to empty the vacuum after every room. Sucks.

cyberpyxi says:

Fortunately for us, ours doesn’t really shed. The townhouse’s carpet sure did though!

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