The happy life of a happy wife…

{March 24, 2010}   Okay…

I didn’t finish my list from yesterday, but I’m ok with it because I simply ran out of time.  I took way longer than I was thinking I would at Target, and was there for over an hour.  I had a buggy full of groceries and several treats.  Spent more than I wanted to as well, but I needed to get a lot of ingredients for some recipes & that always drags the price up.

I am getting swamped with recipes I want to try out!  My pink binder is almost full!  I need to point my recipe searches to more “side dishes” and “main course” as opposed to desserts — but desserts are my speciality & so gosh darn appealing!

I’m stopping at Publix tonight because I forgot to buy chicken.  Menu:  Baked chicken with corn casserole (don’t tell Shane that’s what it is because I’m going to try and pass it off as corn bread)


cyberpyxi says:

I used to love cooking (I think I now love to not cook more than I loved cooking) but I ended up with far too many recipes. I found this program that I LOVED at It lets you put in your recipe, a picture of it, rate it, and even shows the nutritional values if you so care to see them. You can then place your recipes on a menu calendar and create a shopping list from it, search by title or ingredient, make leftovers based off of what you have in the fridge, and what not. I highly recommend it!

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