The happy life of a happy wife…

{March 26, 2010}   Hello from the future!

A few years ago, Ambyr told me about a great website Future Me.  I’ve sent myself several e-mails since then and I love this idea!  I just got one delivered today from a year ago.  It was fairly emotional because I had written it right after both of my grandmothers died.  It’s so hard to believe they’ve been gone for a year already…  And Gramma’s birthday was yesterday, so she was already in my thoughts.

My plan for tonight:  Go to Publix, cook dinner, tidy up the loft, and watch New Moon!


cyberpyxi says:

I just got one yesterday!
Did you know you can now respond to these emails. They are called past me’s. If only…
The one I got yesterday was written just before we left to go to PA to finalize everything for the wedding. So when I started writing my letter to Past me, it started about the wedding and drive home etc, moved on to the Chiari’s… and then I realized that when I wrote the futureme email, it was just before I lost Daddy… It was horrible.
So big hugs to you, my love… I know how you feel.

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