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{April 1, 2010}   Buying in bulk…?

In my afternoon web browsing, I came across this site that was talking about the do’s and don’ts of bulk buying.  While, for the most part, I agreed with them (don’t buy bread in bulk because it will go stale duh!) I have to politely disagree with them on the following:

Paper towels:  They suggest buying “generic” so-to-speak brands in order to supposedly save $23.51.  Then they go on to say that, “It may not be the Quicker Picker Upper, but it is the cheaper paper towel, by far.”  Is cheaper always better?  I don’t think so.  We have generic paper towels at work right now, and I can’t wait to get home to my ‘Quicker Picker Uppers’!  At home, my paper towels don’t rip when I pull them.  They don’t fall apart or shred when wiping liquids.  They don’t require 3+ paper towels to do the work of one.  In buying generic… your price may go down, but usage goes up.

Garbage bags:  “It’s a bunch of trash bags. It isn’t hard to buy these in bulk, and they’re obviously lightweight.”  Am I the only one that doesn’t necessarily want ‘lightweight’ garbage bags?  So I may be splurging on Force-Flex bags, since they really won’t hold much more than a generic bag, but it’s totally worth it because I NEVER have to pick garbage off the floor from a ripped garbage bag.

I’d post more but it’s time to go home…


I totally disagree with buying in bulk. And I disagree that the “cheaper” paper towels are the cheapest paper towels. Like you, if you use 3 of them, you end up going through them quicker, ergo, spending the same/more in the long run.
And, you usually can get a really good deal on the good brands after coopins, cha!

And anyways, smaller packaging ends up being cheaper after coopins, anyways. Ug what an article! Did you see the one they also list “what not to buy in bulk”? Same stuff! Crazy…

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