The happy life of a happy wife…

{April 26, 2010}   What to do when you don’t feel like working:

I’ve just been diagnosed with a serious case of the Mondays.  Where did this come from?  I was feeling just fine this morning and was wide awake on the drive to work… but I get here and *BLAM* Mondays!  Maybe it was the 15 minute delay due to a crossing train?  I guess I can procrastinate a little bit but yet still be productive.

To Do List:

  • Go to Staples and buy some Dab n Seal.  This is excellent stuff and I love it!  Licking envelopes is disgusting, and one of these bottles has lasted me over a year at work.
  • Buy a new welcome mat for our front door
  • Make a dentist appointment (I’m about 6 months late for this cleaning *yikes!*)
  • Plant the stargazer bulbs I bought a couple of weeks ago
  • Plant the gardenia tree Dad bought for me
  • Submit approval form to the HOA for the backyard plan

That should be plenty to keep me busy this week.  Set small, reasonable goals for yourself so you will have that “Yay I completed everything” feeling more often 🙂


I am so with you. I do NOT lick envelopes! Tres’ Gross!
I have a ToDo to add to your list… “Plan on attending Ambyr’s Birthday Bash!”
I told Momma and Timmy I wanted a big party this year, and early on, so it’s before the surgery. I don’t think they’ve even come close to planning it yet, at all… but if I have to do it myself, there will be a bash, damnit!

Haha Well I’ll help you if it comes to you having to plan it yourself. I love party planning! 🙂

I might just take you up on that!

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