The happy life of a happy wife…

{April 28, 2010}   How much is too much?

We all love our husbands, don’t we?  We love talking to them and spending time with them.  I understand that.

What I don’t understand is why one of my coworkers and her husband feel the need to call each other 5-10 times every single day during working hours.  She has to call him when she gets here to let him know she’s at work now and then they proceed to discuss what happened at their house the previous night/that morning.  (“You woke me up last night with your snoring.”  “Can you believe the alarm when off this morning again?” etc)  You just saw each other 20 minutes ago, isn’t that enough to tide you over until you can call him from your cell at lunchtime?  Maybe if she’d get off the phone with her husband she could actually take a business call once in a while.  For some strange reason you’re normally expected to actually work while at work.

Now you may comment that I make most of my blog entries while I’m at work, but they always come second.  I’m the first to answer it if the phone rings (you can call me Quick Draw if you want to).

So I just have to wonder about couples that can’t seem to even function for a few hours in daily life without their significant other.  What will these people do if, heaven forbid, their partner dies?  I love Shane, but my life won’t end if I don’t get to talk to him for the 8 hours we’re at work.


For this one, I’m just going to whistle innocently and make cute little faces… mentioning nothing of how Tim and I talk on the way in to work, on each break at work, and on the way home from work, as well.

But I’m not as bad as SHE is, I will say.

That’s different though. I wouldn’t care one bit if she wanted to talk to him during her personal time.. but I swear, all day at work we get to hear the baby-voice “Love yoooou. Love you too. You tooooo. Oook.” LOL she’s 45 freaking years old. What’s funny is that they actually say the exact same thing each time. Their goodbyes last like 5 minutes and the words never change haha They say it over and over again so it’s like slow madness for me lol

Amy McGrady says:

I worked with someone like that. She was 30 years old and had been married for about 5 years. Here is a sampling of the conversation I heard from the next cubicle over:

“Hey sweetie-deetie-doo. Traffic was awful. How was your drive? Oh, well that’s too bad. What are you having for lunch? (it’s 8:00am). Ok. Well what would you like for supper? We had that last week… how about (whatever)? Ok, I’ll stop by the grocery store on the way home. I gotta go. Call you back in a little while. I love you pumpkin. Yes I do, very much. No, I love you more. No, I do….” that went on for a while. REALLY??? Ugh. Nauseates me. I’m glad people love each other and are sweet like that but dang, keep it private. And WHY do it several times a day? I could understand for a new couple or someone who has just married. But after 5 years? And at 40-something years old? Seems odd to me lol. And annoying.

That’s exactly how my coworker is too. She’s over 40, but the only difference is that they’ve been married for 20+ years. You’d think you would be over that “honeymoon” stage after 20 years haha

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