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{April 29, 2010}   Junkie

I am a fast food junkie.  Can’t help it, I love the stuff!  There are very few chains that don’t get me excited:  Arby’s (except for the mozz sticks and curly fries, which I love), Long John Silvers (granted I do get the crave for their chicken, but I don’t eat any seafood), and I pretty much love all the rest.

That has actually nothing to do with my post though, but if you’re curious – Taco Bell is my favorite.  Moving on to my actual story…

I drive by the Burger King on Dale Mabry pretty much everyday.  Their sign is bugging the heck out of me though.  “Try our new $1 buck double”  $ plus ‘buck’ is redundant.  The only way they can get away with this is if it’s actually called a Buck Double, and honestly who in their right mind would name it that?  haha Buck Double.

And speaking of cheeseburger names…………

Dad and I took Pop Pop to McDonald’s for lunch today.  Personally I’m getting a little burned out on McDonald’s, but it was his choice.  He says, “Let’s go to that Big Mac’s” but he never actually orders a Big Mac.

  • Me:  I’d like a double cheeseburger plain.
  • Employee:  You do know we call that a McDouble now, don’t you?

Excuse me?  I’m sorry.  I didn’t know it was possible to actually get reprimanded by an employee of a fast food chain for failing to call a double cheeseburger by its proper name.  My bad.


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