The happy life of a happy wife…

{May 7, 2010}   Random things…

What’s been up?

  1. Car shopping.  Our loan was approved and now we just get to visit different dealerships and see if anybody has what we want.
  2. Just got the first blooms on my lavender plants in my AeroGarden.  I’m a little surprised it didn’t die since I goofed and had the light set too high…
  3. Found out that Staples carries the Spring Bloom Purell that I like.
  4. Had a bad experience with the Empire saleslady.  I arranged to have someone come out to give me a quote for new tiles in the bathrooms and entryway.  She worked up the price and actually got mad when I didn’t sign on a contract right away.  She slid the quote across the table to me and said, “Here’s the price and we can come out tomorrow to install it.”  To which I replied, “ha well actually no, we can’t install it tomorrow.  I’m sorry but we’re going to need to save up a little for that”  She said she gets graded on how well she can close the sale when she’s out giving quotes and said, “because of you I’m going to get yelled at” “my boss is going to be mad at me because of this” etc  She must have said that 10 times… and then… get this… she actually had the nerve to take out a business card and say, “Since I’m going to get yelled at because of you, the least you can do is refer some of your friends to me.  And it won’t help me any if they call Empire directly, so make sure you have them call my number.”  LOL  How about, no.  I would still get my floors done by Empire, but I’ll be damned if I call her back to set up the contract.
  5. My grandfather’s car got stolen.  The losers took it while he was in the grocery store for 15 minutes.  Flipped it over into a pole and totaled it before they fled the scene:


On the plus side, we’re dog-sitting Oscar this week.  I love little Oscar dog!



I’m so sorry to hear that about your granddad’s car!
And are you serious @ Empire lady? I would call and say the reason I’m NOT going through them is because of her and tell them how she acted! That’s nuts!
And ohhh I love Shane’s new car! It’s beautiful!

He’s really upset about it & what sucks is that he had just decided to take the physical damage coverage off his insurance, so he was basically just S.O.L. And he doesn’t want to buy a new car because he’s 92 years old and really cheap! lol

Thanks dear! I love the new car too. It’s soo much nicer than the Sentra 🙂

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