The happy life of a happy wife…

{May 19, 2010}   Mr P.

I don’t normally post three times in one day, but this deserves it!

I just got a phone call from a guy looking for a quote.

  • Me – This is Beth.  How may I help you?
  • Man – Beth?  Oh my gosh, Beth!  The love of my heart!!  This is Mr P!
  • Me – *o…m…g…*   Hello Mr P.  How are you?
  • Mr P – Better now that I’m talking to you…
  • *blah blah blah* I give him the quote
  • Mr P – It is so good to hear the sound of your voice again.
  • Me – Yeah, it’s been a long time now, hasn’t it?
  • Mr P – Well I’m going to come in and see you soon

Greeeeeeat.  It’s probably been almost 2 years since I’ve talked to him, but there’s just something about him that makes me uncomfortable.  Oh I know!  Maybe it’s my previous experience with him!  Let me take a small trip back in time and copy some stuff from my LiveJournal…  (And while you’re reading this, keep in mind that it was 3 days before my wedding)

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008  Time: 10:36 am.

Mr. P: Who is this?
Me: Beth
Mr. P: Oh hey Beeeth. This is your long, lost lover
Me: Oh yeah?
Mr. P: Yeah, it’s [Mr. P]

Me: *Oh God I hate this guy*

*blah blah blah*

Me: It is just now calculating the rate, so it’ll just be another second.
Mr. P: That’s ok darlin, you know I don’t mind waiting
Me: Yeah, I’m getting kinda used to waiting on the computer too.
Mr. P: Well, you know you never have to wait on me. You just call me up & I’ll be there.

Me: *mmmk*

*blah blah blah*

(I must have laughed at something, I don’t remember what, but…)
Mr. P: Oh God sweetie, laugh again.
Me: Huh?
Mr. P: Laugh again. I love hearing your laugh
Me: *mmmk*
Mr. P: I’ll be there in about an hour after I pick up the car. I want to see you and I can get an ID card too, right?
Me: You know what, when you get to the DMV, just call me and I will fax it to you.

Need I remind you that this guy is almost 60 years old? Am I supposed to be flattered, cuz I’m really not…

And a little further back in time ——-


Monday, May 19th, 2008   Time: 12:26 pm.

I have this client that I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about before… Mr. P  Oh boy. Here it goes…

Me: *blah blah blah talking about insurance*
Mr. P: Well, I’ll come in to your office today to make the payment. I’m going to try to make it there before 5, but I’ll send someone else in if I can’t make it. But I really want to bring it myself so I can see your pretty face.
Me: Haha, well I’ll be here until 5.
Mr. P: You know, I would make you a really good husband. Are you married yet?
Me: Uhh, no, not yet… but I will be in a couple weeks.
Mr. P: Well, maybe we can get together sometime before then. We can do whatever you want and that way you won’t have any anxiety before the wedding and you won’t have to have a fling after you get married. Whatever you want to do, we can do. You won’t have to work cuz you know I can do that for you.


Time: 3:54 pm.OMG

Mr. P just called back…

Mr. P: Oh well hey Beth. Where the heck were you when I stopped by?
Me: It was my lunch break and I had to go to the store.
Mr. P: I would have came back to the office if I knew you were just at the store.
Me: Did you get your payment taken care of and everything?
Mr. P: Yeah, Paula helped me with it. But man, I really wish I could have seen you again. You fulfill something inside of me and seeing you makes me happy.
Me: Really? Haha most people aren’t happy when they leave here because we take their money hehe.
Mr. P: Well, it’s not the money. It’s something deep inside. You make me happy. Hey Beth, let’s go to lunch together tomorrow.
Me: Oh I can’t do that.
Mr. P: Why not?
Me: Because we aren’t supposed to.
Mr. P: Would your boyfriend get mad?
Me: Yeah, he would definitely get mad.
Mr. P: Ok, well, I’ll just bring lunch to the office, except it won’t be for everyone it will just be for me and you.

This guy is really starting to creep me out. I hope he doesn’t show up here tomorrow!





I’m starting to wish I hadn’t gone back and re-read some of those because I had forgotten just how creepy he actually is!  I know I work in a commission based industry, but is it wrong to hope he doesn’t come in?


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