The happy life of a happy wife…

{May 28, 2010}   Busy times…

As much as I am a home-person and like having free time to myself, I also like having plans 🙂  Who doesn’t, right?  (besides my hubby – who doesn’t like having plans on any day except Saturday lol)

I felt very popular this week!  Melissa invited us over to her house for dinner on Wednesday.  She made a salad, lasagna, and bread sticks.  Yummy Yummy!  I haven’t spent much time with Hannah because whenever I see Melissa is usually for “grown-up” time, but she is simply adorable!  She sang us some songs, showed me her coloring, and got very excited for chocolate cake!

We were invited to a lot of parties – Kim, Pat, and Cindy are having Memorial weekend parties, and we’re going to Ali’s 30th birthday party.  That almost makes it sound like I have friends haha


So which parties are you going to this weekend?

We RSVP’d to Ali’s party before we got the other invitations, so we have to go to that one 😦

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