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{June 10, 2010}   30 year olds…

My sister’s 30th birthday is in 9 days.  We’d been going back and forth because I wanted to plan a party for her but she’s too depressed about turning 30 and didn’t want a party.  In the end, I struck a bargain with her that I would let her off the party hook, BUT she had to watch Twilight with me!

I’m a HUGE Twilight fan and, needless to say again, but am on Team Edward!  I can’t tell you how many times hubby has said things like, “I’m sorry I’m not Edward” or “Oh no, she’s watching Edwaaaaard again”    I’m really actually very lucky in my choice of husband— he lets me go on and on about Edward, Mr Darcy, and Mr Rochester… all my favorite fictional characters.

That being said, I am the only one in my family that truly appreciates the glory of Twilight.  I’m also the only one that’s actually read the books and seen the movies.  My mom says it’s “bad” because of the whole vampire thing.  (Side note – my mom is also that one that would let us watch Family Matters when we were growing up because she heard from some unknown source that it was “bad”)  My sister didn’t want to see it because she’s convinced it’s a scary movie.  The movie theater by my house is showing a double feature of Twilight/New Moon & I’m going to try and convince her to attend that showing with me.

I have gone off on a long tangent.  My goal for this post wasn’t to talk about Katie’s non-existent birthday party, but rather to talk about Shane’s upcoming 30th birthday party!

His birthday isn’t until September, but I feel as though I am way behind schedule in the planning.  I have about $400 saved so far, and I need a lot more LOL  Whenever I get my hands on extra money, I always beg him to let me keep it for the party fund  🙂

What I need to decide this week is whether I want to have the party at our house or have it at some other venue like a restaurant.  I love having parties at the house, but it would be way too overcrowded.  I just made up the initial invite list, and I’m already at 53 people!  So do I want an overcrowded house or an expensive restaurant bill?

***They key to being a good hostess is to make your guests comfortable***

Maybe the best of both worlds would be to do the family party at a restaurant and then have another party for the friends at the house.


Olive says:

September is still backyard grill time in most parts of the country. gogo house party. Twilight movies rock. They are so Hollywood and such an indulgence and way too fun to be scary, though I have never read the books…

That said, my 30s were awesome. Sis needs to get over thinking she is growing old – she is growing better. 30s are a time when you get to look like you are in your 20s but don’t have to make 20 year old mistakes. They will be awesome:) Plus, if you do the restaurant thing, you can always pay the waiter to card her:)

I would love to have a backyard party, but we live outside of Tampa, FL – and it still averages highs about 90 in September. Very humid and sweaty too. Maybe I can convince hubby that we need to build a pool to stay cool 😉

Reading is my favorite hobby. The Twilight books are good, but the movies are better.

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