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{June 11, 2010}   Blog Tag

Recently I was blog-tagged.  Here are my answers…

1. You have magical powers and can go back in time to the concert of your choice. Who is it? —  Easy!  The Beatles.  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles when they were performing on a cruise I was on with my family (coincidentally Shane proposed the day I got back from that vacation).  Since hubby is also a big Beatles fan, my parents gave him a pair of front row tickets when Rain came to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.  If I had so much fun watching the tribute band, I can only imagine what it would be like to see the real thing.

2. You must choose between two candidates to be Ruler of the World. One is a cat. One is a dog. Who do you vote for and why? —  I’d cast my vote for the dog any day of the week!  I’ve never been a huge fan of cats (piano teacher had cats and they always scared me when I went for my lessons) and they seem so sneaky and shady.  Dogs are happy all the time and they always want me to be happy too.  Daisy/Milly 2012!

3. Mountains or beach? —  I prefer the beach, even though I have a skin tone more suitable to the mountains and I’m afraid of swimming in the ocean.

4. Are you interested at all in the local politics where you live, or do you only pay attention in national elections? —   I’m not interested in politics period.  I’m a registered Republican and definitely have my own strong opinions on what I think is right, but I never watch the debates and don’t really take part in anything political beyond going to the polls.

5. You have the opportunity to tell off the person you most despise without any repercussions. Do you? Who is it? —  I will take you up on that offer.  Sandy – you are such a bitch and I hate you.  Matter of fact, we all hate you.  Why do you think you’re better than everybody else?  You may not want to believe this, but we can survive here quite happily without you.  What goes around, comes around.  I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, because I’ve heard you throw your own husband under the bus!  You are a liar and you don’t care about anyone but yourself.  Whew!  Well I feel better now.

6. Do you have too much stuff or not enough stuff? — I have too much stuff.  You know those people who get sentimental over everything?  Yeah, that’s me.

7.  The house is on fire. What do you grab first (excluding people and pets)? —  My first choice would probably be my first.  Shane would probably grab his computer… or his billiards table if he could magically find a way to carry it.

8. What place in the world would you visit again and again? —  Longboat Key, FL.

9. Do you ALWAYS answer the phone, or just let it ring? —  If it’s my family calling, I answer.  If it’s Shane’s family, he answers.  If it happens to be a rare occasion when a friend is calling, we both answer.

10. Does your family know about your blog? —  They know that I have a blog, and they know that I am compiling a lot of recipes to try out for my blog, but they don’t know where my blog is.  🙂  (By the way, family, let me know if you found my blog.  That would be kinda cool, but then I guess I’d have to stop talking about you LOL)

So I think I’ll go with my new blog friend Olive to tag next  🙂  I hope you read this because I don’t know how to actually “tag” you.  LOL  I’m used to Facebook where you just push a button and it sends the person a message.  Oh I’m so computer-dumb.


Olive says:

So am I supposed to repost and answer these? I love your answers!

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