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{June 12, 2010}   Our club

Have I mentioned before that I am in a book club? It makes sense because I have always loved reading. The amazing thing about my book club though is that it is a group of great women that I could totally see becoming better friends with.

I don’t have the personality to enable me to make friends easily. I’m quiet, not shy… but about 99% of the time, new people think I am stuck up or snobby. Luckily, once they get to know me better, they know that isn’t true. I’ve never been completely comfortable around new people. Parties, business meetings… not my cup of tea.

My husband went to University here in Tampa. I don’t think he was the most popular guy on campus, but he had lots of friends. Even though life tends to change a lot after college, he’s kept in fairly close contact with several of them. About a year and a half ago, we traveled to New Hampshire for Josh’s wedding. While we were there, we spent a lot of time with Junior and Melissa. I’d met them before, but this was the first time we spent any real time together. I was immediately comfortable around Melissa, and thought she was a really cool girl.

When Melissa started this book club back in October/November 2009, I jumped on the invite. Truth be told, I was a little bit nervous going to the first meeting, but I’m so glad I participated! There are about 25 people in the club, but the meetings only consist of around 4-7 people. We meet once a month, have some discussion questions about the books, and then go from there. It’s so awesome to have a group of female friends I can socialize with. There’s always a lot of laughter, and sometimes even some tears.

I hosted this month’s meeting. The book was Otherwise Engaged by Eileen Goudge. While it isn’t a “deep” or “meaningful” book by any means, it was a light and easy quick-read about the what ifs in life. What if you’d married your high school sweetheart? Or what if you had pursued that job offer? I think everybody has wondered “what if” at some point in their life.

Here is another good website suggestion: goodreads

You can rate and review all of the books you’ve read and keep a list of books that you want to read. It’s like the Facebook of books.  (Let me know if you sign up and we can share lists)


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