The happy life of a happy wife…

{June 15, 2010}   Town Idiot

My coworker likes to use (quote unquote) big words because she thinks they make her sound somewhat intelligent.  Unfortunately, since she doesn’t know the meaning of some of the words, or in some cases the words don’t even exist, she just sounds really dumb.

Today, she told someone it isn’t feasible for them to purchase that coverage.  Of course, it is actually very feasible for them to buy it, it just isn’t cost-effective.  So, the definition of the day:  fea·si·ble  (fē’zə-bəl) Capable of being accomplished or brought about; possible.

Another one of my favorites was when she told everybody that getting married and having children is just something that’s drained into our heads from childhood.  It’s funny, because you would think it would be something “ingrained” in our heads.  Drains do kinda the opposite.  😉

And ooooh don’t get me started on her pronunciation of names.  LOL!!   We’ve had customers for 10 years and she still can’t figure out how to say their names right.  Alejandro is Allie-JAN-Dro  lol  And then we could try Nguyen (most of our clients say it like ‘when’) but she still says “New-gin”  I’m not a perfectionist, and I’m actually really bad when it comes to accents, but at least I try to get it close to what they say.

On a separate note, I’m thinking about having a contest.  Haven’t figured out the particulars yet, but maybe some sort of prize for the best recipe?  Or something random based on subscriptions?  I don’t know yet, but I’ll think more about it tonight.

By the by – I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for good results 🙂


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