The happy life of a happy wife…

{July 26, 2010}   Good times with good friends

Melissa, I know I’ve mentioned her before in my talks about our book club, invited Shane and I to double-date with them on Friday.  She had gotten some free tickets to the Tampa Improv (and free tickets just makes everything better!)  I’m not normally a huge fan of comedy.  I feel obliged to laugh at every joke and then my cheeks hurt by the end of the night.  BUT —  this guy was hilarious!  The show featured John Morgan, and he had us all laughing hysterically!  Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

If you’re ever in the Tampa area and enjoy comedy, you should definitely check out the Improv.  It’s in Centro Ybor, 21+, and has a lot of character.  My drink of choice was the “Jamaica Me Crazy” with pineapple, coconut, and rum.  Yum!

Now I haven’t been to Ybor, or even just Centro Ybor, in a loooong time.  The experience was completed with scuzzy looking water on the sidewalk and a homeless man selling little crosses while making a comment about my boobs looking good.  No night out is complete without that.  lol.

But before we could enjoy ourselves at the Improv, we needed to actually make it there.  It seemed like one of those days where nothing went right:

When I leave work at 5, I get home around 6:15.  The plan was to be at Melissa’s house at 7 to pick them up (and Melissa’s house is down the street from where I work).  So Shane and I drove drove our own cars on Friday instead of riding together because he gets off work at 4:30 and would have enough time to drive home and take care of the dogs before heading back out.  But then I got the good news that we’d be closing my office at 4:30, so I was excited that I’d have time to drop my car off at home and then ride back with Shane.  And that, my friends, is when things started going downhill.

I’m about 5 minutes from the office when I hear a helicopter.  While waiting patiently at a red light, I’m craning my neck around to try and spot the helicopter… but there is no helicopter in the sky.  You remember that I live in Florida, right?  It was like 93 degrees of hot, sticky, humid Florida sunshine on Friday and I had my air cranked up as cold as it would go.  So I turned the AC off so I could hear the helicopter better and be able to tell what direction it was coming in, and when I turned the AC off the noise went away.  Like magic, only not as much fun.  Turned the AC back on, and it stalled my car.  Great.  Fabulous.  So I got up on the interstate to drive home with no air, and it starts to pour.  So now I have to roll the windows up and drive home with no AC is a sweltering car (did I mention I have a black interior?)

I started thinking that I probably shouldn’t be on the interstate since I’m not sure what’s wrong with my car (I am no mechanic) and I don’t want to break down in the rain…  so I take the next exit and figure, “I’m early, I have plenty of time to get my oil changed.”  That was true too.  I had plenty of time.  The people at Jiffy Lube were super quick.  I was back on the road in like 10 minutes!  No problem.

No problem, that is, until I got stuck in a traffic jam.  The road up to my house is more-or-less one way in and one way out.  So I’m sitting there, in my car, with the windows rolled up, sweating like a pig, and now have no time to take a shower before leaving.  Fabulous.

So I called hubby to vent about my bad luck while sitting in traffic, and then he informed me of what he’s had to go through since getting home.

My baby, my Milly, apparently umm ‘exploded’ in her crate.


Even though he had already cleaned everything by the time I got home, the smell was still so bad that I had to cover my mouth to keep lunch down.  Disgusting!  Who would have thought that something so dreadful could come out of my baby girl?


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