The happy life of a happy wife…

{August 6, 2010}   Five Question Friday

1. Are you a neat sleeper or a messy sleeper?  Even though I toss and turn all night, I’m a neat sleeper.  The covers are always exactly where they were when I started.

2. Fill in the blank. I wish I was more      wealthy     .  Is that a bad answer?  Well, it’s the truth.  I am so proud of the fact that we work hard for everything we have.  We may not have as much as others, but there’s pride in knowing that you’ve earned something.  We pay our bills early, our mortgage is paid a couple of months ahead, and I still manage to set aside some each month for savings.  But…  wouldn’t it be nice to have money at my fingertips to use for whatever I want?  Oh just imagine the shoes I could buy!

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?  When the bank sends you a refund check for overpayment in your escrow account — it’s probably not the best idea to just cash it without asking questions.

4. What was the best thing you ever found at a garage sale/flea market?  I got a huge painting that is hanging in our dining room.  Love it!

5. If you could have any meal brought to you right now, what would it be?  A Trifecta from First Watch would be fabulous.

Ambyr says:

I do love that painting. It’s beautiful!

It was cheap too! (or at least cheaper than if I had bought it at a regular store lol) We’ve gone back a couple times hoping to find some more, but haven’t had any luck.

If you ever want to go with me just let me know 🙂

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