The happy life of a happy wife…

{August 11, 2010}   After dealing with a difficult customer…

With every breath I take today,
I vow to be awake;

And every step I take,
I vow to take with a grateful heart–

So I may see with eyes of love
into the hearts of all I meet,

To ease their burden when I can
And touch them with a smile of peace.


My coworkers often ask me how I can remain so patient when I have mean customers.  Like the woman who just left the office…  She wasn’t just mean, she was NASTY.  And, like most times, it was completely unjustified.  We didn’t do anything wrong, she just came in with a bad attitude and took it out on me.  And instead of yelling back or returning the insults, I just quietly sit there and keep my cool.

“To ease their burden when I can…”  Maybe I can’t ease her burden, whatever her burden may be, but I can refrain from adding to it.  She must have something going on in her life that’s causing her to treat complete strangers unkindly; either that or a mental illness.  Whichever the case may be, I can be patient with difficult customers because one of the best ways I know to exhibit what it means to be a Christian is by acting like a Christian in the face of adversary people.

Sometimes it’s really hard, and many times I fail…  but after the meanies leave: I sit at my desk, say my quiet prayer, submit my thanks for having the blessed life that I do, and pray that they find some solace.


Olive says:

Truer words were never spoken. We never know where someone’s ire is coming from. Your calm (and your prayers) may have changed her mood, for the better, for the rest of the day. It takes very little to ruin one’s day, and it takes even less to brighten it:)

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