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{September 14, 2010}   Red Baron Pan Pasta

Mac n Cheese topped with Bacon?!?!?  Yes, please!  That sounds exactly like something I would like!

What it looks like out of the box..

Is anybody else out there a big fan of Pizza Hut?  To me, this looks JUST like their Tuscani Pasta.  Even though they don’t offer it anymore at my Pizza Hut, they used to have a macaroni and cheese with bacon.  It was pretty good.

Straight from the oven

So my expectations were fairly high (is it sad that Pizza Hut is what sets my expectations high?)

I won’t say that I was disappointed, but it wasn’t fabulous.  The bacon was quite hard and the pasta was just bland.  After adding some salt it was ok, but I don’t know if I’ll buy it again.

Ok, maybe I will.  It still looks pretty good in the picture… and it wasn’t bad for frozen food.


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