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{November 22, 2010}   What could ruin Thanksgiving dinner?

Ants!  And they have been invading my kitchen for the last month now!  (And this will be a great tutorial for how to get rid of them quickly!  Learn from my frustrations and save yourself some time)  I was so disgusted by it that I couldn’t bring myself to cook.  Each time I tried to make something, I spent so much time worrying that the food would be taken over while my back was turned.

I tried everything I could think of.  The little ‘ant hotels’ were completely ineffective, but I kept holding out hope.  “Just a few more days and that poison will kill the Queen!”  Yeah, right.  Right now there are, count it, 20 traps set up around my kitchen… and the ants sat back and laughed at my futile attempts.

Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday I couldn’t very well have my family over and serve them ant-infected food…  so Shane did some research and we came up with a plan.  Everything on the internet suggested buying Terro.  “Terro is awesome!”  “Terro works great!”  That’s fine and all, but apparently it isn’t Terro-season in the stores and we couldn’t find it anywhere.

So plan 2 was to make my own.

Insert my lifesaver here:

I mixed 2 cups powdered confectioners sugar, 1 cup water, and 3 heaping teaspoons of Borax.  Stir it all up to dissolve the mixture and then shake well in a bottle or jar.  Put a couple of business cards down by the ant-infected area and then place several drops of the Borax mixture on the business cards.  It’s quicker if you can put them down to block their trail so they’re forced to go up on the cards, but they’ll find it either way.

Be prepared for the swarm!  In 5-10 minutes I had literally hundreds of ants on my counter.  They made a trail straight to the cards and then back to their nest.  Side-by-side going all the way around the drops.  It was actually pretty incredible to watch, if you can get over the fact that your kitchen has become a living ant farm.

After an hour or so, the number of visible ants was back down to about what was there before I started the treatment.  After 4 hours, the ants were gone!

And the plus side is that this is cheap.  A big box of Borax was around $2 at our Walmart, and the sugar was around $2 as well.  They also sell cheap little plastic condiment bottles for $1 and that worked perfectly.


Olive says:

this is great. i hate hate hate ants and dont really have an issue with them living on the second story of a warehouse but boy do we get them downstairs. cant wait to try this next spring! at -11 degrees, they havent really been a problem lately. lol

It’s around 70 here today and everybody got out their sweaters!

But definitely give the Borax a try if the ants come back. I was shocked how well it worked for us.

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