The happy life of a happy wife…

{February 3, 2011}   Writer’s Workshop

Valentine’s Day is coming…share a favorite Valentine’s tradition:

The last few years our Valentine’s Day has consisted of visiting Boizao.  It’s this amazing Brazilian Churrascaria with 14 different types of meat served by gaucho chefs.  It’s the kind of place you can dress up nicely for and enjoy eating a literal ton of meat… Because nothing says “I love you” like eating way too much and passing out when you get home, right?


sarah says:

Passing out in a meat coma is definitely my idea of romance.

I love those kind of restaurants.

Stopping in from Mama Kat’s. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.

LOL I like that: meat coma. Definitely describes it perfectly haha

Teresa says:

I’ve always wanted to try out one of these types of restaurants. Last year I prepared dinner for my family and will probably do the same this year. Maybe that will become our new tradition since we don’t already have one.

Visiting via Writer’s Workshop. Have a beautiful day!

If you get the chance to go to one you should (Just skip lunch that day so you have enough room!) 🙂

Somtimes you can’t beat just a nice family dinner at home. Sounds like a lovely tradition.

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